Airsoft Ammunition

Below is a simple calculator we have put together to help you choice in ammo.

• For AEG rifles
Power of gun (FPS) minus 100 then mover the decimal point 3 places.
For example 350 fps minus 100 = 250 then move decimal point = 0.25 ammo

• With pistols as a rule you just remove the decimal place and not minus 100, you then use the next ammo weight down
For example 300 fps then move the decimal point 3 place = 0.3, next ammo weight down = either 0.25 or 0.28 ammo

• For sniper rifles we recommend
0.25 ammo for up to 400 fps, 0.30 ammo for 380 – 450 fps and 0.36 and 0.40 ammo for 450 fps +

• For budget bb guns or plinkers as a rule 0.12 ammo is best for electric guns and 0.2 ammo is best for spring guns due to the lower power those bb guns produce.


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