Cyma is a factory that has been around in the airsoft market for a very long time, you could say they are one of the original founders of the China airsoft gun.
Cyma first started out in the late 90’s with mainly budget guns and toys to offer, but over the coming years they increased the quality and amount of lines they produced.
In 2005 the AK47 (CM028) was born with full metal gearbox it was instantly a hit and still is today.
Cyma has always mainly produced AK airsoft guns and time and time again they have proven to be some of the best around on the market to date, but times are changing and they have now moved to the MP5 and M4 market and have many more models in the pipeline.
Cyma do not make the most exciting of guns when it comes to new styles, but what they do make is some of the best internals and quality.
They are also a very good factory to work with due to them meeting our high demands for quality, the exclusive production of two-tone airsoft guns, CE AND ROHS compliance.



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