Face & Body Protection

Even though BBs only travel at safe velocities, the use of Airsoft guns, which are high quality replica firearms, still requires a sensible approach. Vulnerable parts of the body such as the eyes can be damaged by BBs and so purchasing the necessary Airsoft safety equipment is a must.
Here at Action Hobbies we always stress the need to take care when playing Airsoft and advise that you only operate these guns in a secure environment. Therefore the Airsoft masks, safety glasses and other protective gear we stock are important for your own safety and of those around you.

As well as protecting your eyes through the use of Airsoft glasses and goggles, BB masks cover a wider area and therefore will reduce the impact of BBs. Mesh masks and face shields are also available for full face protection. This is strongly recommended for those playing in close quarter gaming situations.

Specialist body armour plates, helmets, knee and elbow pads have also been developed for those involved in Airsoft skirmishing to provide total body protection.



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