ICS L86 A2 LSW Airsoft Rifle – Black


Due to popular demand we have put these on advance pre-order for our next delivery of 8 – 12 weeks.


Main details

The ICS L86 A2 is rated as one of the best L86 replica’s money can buy, full metal with excellent attention to detail in the stamping and weld seems give this airsoft rifle a great feel and look.

The ICS L86 features a instant releasable upper and lower receiver and uses a 7mm gearbox, the battery used is a mini type 8.4v battery where other versions tend to use a custom battery, installation is made easy with the quick release hand guard.
The hop is of a new design making it easier to adjust and is also aided by the bolt lock back.
The LSW is a variation from the British Army L85. With a extenable steel bipod and longer barrel this LSW version is capable to deliver a more accurate shooting performance. It also features a rear handgrip and foldable stock that makes shooting more comfortable.
The LSW version is a must for every team load out, with metal cocking sound is nice and solid! Multi-function tool hidden in the grip of the gun just like on the real steel.

  • Steel construction
  • Split body design
  • Easy power change
  • ICS quality


Fire Modes

Semi + Full Auto + Safe


340fps + / – 5%


Approx 900 +/-

Hop Up






Main Construction

Metal + ABS Polymer

RIS System



Rear Adjustable








8.4v Mini (Not Included)

Battery Location

Hand Guard

Outer Barrel


Inner Barrel




Stock Type


Accessories Included

Clearing Rod

1 review for ICS L86 A2 LSW Airsoft Rifle – Black

  1. Anonymous

    ICS L86 A2 LSW Airsoft Rifle – Black
    I have played with this gun a couple of times now and it’s been the most fun I have had ( always been an M4 user ). The accuracy is fantastic, rate of fire is suppressive and the range is great. It has taken a little bedding in for the range to improve. The weight of the gun is much heavier than my M4 but not ridiculous like the m60s and m249s. I would still recommend a strap though. The build of the gun is very solid. I have been quite aggressive with it on game days and it has withstood everything I have thrown at it. It comes with two hi cap mags which is just as well cuz you do find yourself going through some rounds. Good thing is though I can use all my m4 mags with it so ammo is not a problem. If you are looking for a bit of a head Turner then this guns looks will help that and you probably won’t come across many more out there as they aren’t that popular. Not sure why cuz I can’t speak highly enough of it !! Super fun everytime I now go gaming !

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