Yellowstone Flameless Cook Pouch – 5 Packs



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Main details

The Yellowstone Flameless cook system is a revolutionary cooking method that allows you to heat and cook safely without the need of a flame.

Using the water activated heat pack the Yellowstone Flameless cook set is a lightweight alternative to gas or liquid fuel stoves.

To use the Flameless cook system, simply activate the heat pack with a cup of water, the cook system gets so hot you can even brew a nice hot cup of tea.

The Flameless cook system is designed for all activities, weekends away, mil-sim, fishing, backpackers, scouts, the list go’s on.

– Can be used inside a tent or confined space as produces zero carbon monoxide

– Pack of 5 x 50g heat packs

– Pack of 5 x sealable cooking pouches

– Activated with 120ml water


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