Giving up Airsoft? Need cash in a hurry? We may purchase your old kit, most items considered.

With the limited ways of disposing of used airsoft guns and equipment we at Action Hobbies now offer a buying service, no messing about with adverts or restrictions on selling, people bouncing payments.

Sure you may get more selling privately but with us you do not have the messing about, please bare in mind you are selling a second hand and we need to make money to, we can not give you more than its worth.

We even buy used outdoor gear, tents, awnings, camping gear, in fact just about anything unwanted (apart from relatives and children)

Our quick and easy service is simple to use in just a few simple steps

1) Email giving details on what you are wanting to sell along with photo’s, please include the brand names and model numbers if possible.

Include a phone number and contact details (please do not email saying “I have a gun for sale what will you pay)

2) We call you to discuss your equipment, general condition, age and what money you are wanting to sell it for, we will then try to make an offer where possible.

3) If a price is agreed then you will need to send the kit into us (we can not collect your items with current restrictions) we will also discuss and advise on how payment is made

4) once you kit is received by us and been checked over against the agreed details we then process the payment within 2 working days.

We can also consider PX on used guns, in the event a gun or kit is not as described for example a different gun received or faulty when we were advised in perfect working order then we will contact you and state the reasons why, we may still be able to buy your kit with a revised price, should you wish to cancel the the deal then a £25 charge is applied in order to cover all costs incurred by us and the return postage.

Please note that upgraded guns have to be treated as stock guns when considering purchasing, remember an upgrade is a personal option and in some cases can de-value a gun.

All we ask is for you to be realistic on pricing, you loose 20% to vat at purchase when new, we are a business and need to make our money to.

Do you have old kit and accessories that are fit for the bin and have no value? Do you want to help the environment ?

We can also help with disposing of any unwanted kit by recycling in a sensible way, from donating to safe disposal we can help