About Us


Action Hobbies is a family owned business and owned and operated by Mad4 LTD
By sourcing and importing only the best products and buying in bulk we can keep the costs down and pass those savings on to you.

We pride ourselves on our products, to get the highest quality, we never purchase the “cheapest” option on a product as we feel this can compromise quality and backup supplied to us.

All our staff have an interest in Airsoft guns and outdoor pursuits and skirmish at weekends and are always here to advise.

Based in Milton Keynes with internet sales to the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands and parts Europe.
Although an Internet based company with no walk in store we pride ourselves on customer care, as efficiency is necessary to assist the smooth running of our business and to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

We value your comments and you custom, our aim is to give our customers the best on-line shopping experience and after sales care.
If there is something you are not happy with please email us, information is available in the Contact Us section.
We have a large selection of products including Airsoft, Walking, Camping, Cadets and hunting and shooting.

Airsoft BB guns are fun toys if used responsibly, none of our airsoft guns can fire or be modified to fire real live ammunition.
The Term “Airsoft, AEG (Automatic Electric Gun), RIF (Realistic Imitation Firearm), IF (Imitation Firearm), 2 Tone, BB Gun, Airsoft Rifle Airsoft Pistol, BB Pistol, BB Rifle, BB Guns, Air Gun and Air Rifle” refers to the items we sell on our website.


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We’ll get your airsoft goodies to you using a leading courier

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Great airsoft guns and gear from leading manufacturers

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Knowledgeable and helpful support when you need it