Airsoft Shotguns

Airsoft shotguns are great fun – perfect for clearing rooms in tense CQBs, or just making mincemeat of your target practice range in the garden! 

We stock a range of airsoft shotguns, from powerful and reliable spring powered models, to semi auto gas powered versions. Spring powered shotguns make for excellent backup/close quarter weapons – just bear in mind that they can be quite stiff to cock, and we generally don’t recommend slam firing them, as most shotguns aren’t built for this and you could void the warranty.

Please be aware that while all our airsoft shotguns are available in their original realistic colours, under UK law the sale of realistic imitation firearms (RIFs) is restricted, and you will need to be a registered airsoft skirmisher with an insured airsoft site. For this reason, we also offer a free two-tone painting service on all of our guns for those of you who are not regular skirmishers.

Unsure about which shotgun is right for you? Everyone here at Action Hobbies is an airsoft enthusiast, so feel free to get in touch with our friendly teams and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.