Airsoft Support Guns

Sometimes, bigger really is better! Airsoft support guns give you a massive amount of firepower, and in the right hands can completely alter the swing of an airsoft skirmish. We stock a range of support guns, from high capacity airsoft light machine guns (LMGs) all the way up to the frankly insane airsoft miniguns! 

Most of our support guns are AEGs (all electric guns), offering exceptional rates of fire and allowing you to rapidly put a lot of rounds on target. The latest advancements in airsoft technology and polymer constructions means that many of our guns are lighter than you might think, but fully stocked up with ammo and batteries/gas they are still pretty heft weapons, so do bear that in mind!

Given their bulk and price point, we’d normally recommend that if you’re new to airsoft you start with something a bit more manageable – but all that said, nothing puts a smile on your face quite like letting one of these things rip! If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch with our team of fellow airsoft enthusiasts, and we’ll be happy to help.

Please be aware that while all our airsoft support guns are available in their original realistic colours, under UK law the sale of realistic imitation firearms (RIFs) is restricted, and you will need to be a registered airsoft skirmisher with an insured airsoft site. For this reason, we also offer a free two-tone painting service on all of our LMGs for those of you who are not regular skirmishers.

The quoted FPS (Feet Per Second) on adverts is for guidance only, we undertake random chronograph testing and update the product details where necessary. We do our best to ensure that full auto airsoft guns (AEG’s) we sell do not fire over 385 fps. Always check your site limits before you purchase.



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