FMG-9 Conversion Kit for TM/WE/VFC/ARMY – 17/18C Gen3 Series Pistols


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New to the airsoft market is this airsoft FMG-9 kit for those who miss the original PTS FPG.
This FMG-9 kit is manufactured from high strength Nylon fibre and the connection parts made of steel, so it has excellent durability, unlike the original FMG-9 that was a bespoke airsoft SMG this version uses a donor gun so upgrades and spares are more readily available for your original platform used.
Compatible guns are the Gen.3 Glocks, and can be fitted with MARUI, VFC Army, WE-Tech and VFC.

  • Made of military grade polymer Nylon 66 Frame
  • Extended : 490mm L x 240mm W x 35mm Thickness
  • Folded : 260mm L x 150mm W x 35mm Thickness

Designed for Gen3 models only and not Gen4 G17 models or electric G series.

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Weight4.5 kg

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