A&K M60 VN Vietnam



Main details

This is one bit of kit no team should be without, and as the nickname states a real “Pig” with the clever use of alloys through the gun, in fact nearly all the gun is made of alloy makes the AEG very easy to use and handle and easy to shoulder, upon testing we found the gun had an impressive FPS of 365.

The use of a metal hop unit and PGC style gearbox makes spring swops easy (not covered under warranty if springs are changed from those fitted).

I get the impression that A&K have taken all the best bits from there MK43 and changed the body from the trusted MK43 version.

The sights we also liked as they are fully adjustable for windage and elevation and the box mag is nice and cleaver with 3 switch positions for Off, auto and continuous” continuous is the best option as the auto feeds the box mag on all the time.

The only down side is like the M249 you could do with changing the hop nub as you almost need the hop full on as it is a little soft.

This M60 is one of the best versions and one of the very few versions we have seen and will be hard to beat when you consider that some other guns on the market of the same type cost more than double. We tested one at 365 +/- 5% fps, but this can vary from gun to gun.

However there is more and I have saved it to last.

The MK60 has a VARIABLE RATE OF FIRE, using a variation of a Mosfet and using the adjustment on the buffer tube you can dial in a rate of fire from approx 400 – 800 rpm or you can use the connector supplied to bypass it if you wish.

The system is so perfect for the milsim where rounds are limited on box mags.


Tested ROF

Variable Approx 400 – 800 rpm


Full Metal

Fire Modes

Safety + Full Auto

Easy Strip


Spring Change

QD System


9.6v Mini (Not Included)

Magazine Capacity

Approx 3500 Included




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