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Ares Stoner LMG Light Machine Gun – New Version



Main details

ARES makes a excellent version of the LMG Light Machine Gun as made by Eugene Stoner in the early 80’s to rival the FN in Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) trials.

Full RIS rails allow you to install accessories or a sling mount as needed, metal body, adjustable telescopic stock and the attention to detail make this gun one of the best support guns available and at only 4200g the gun is perfect for most users, this airsoft gun has to been seen to really appreciate the quality and feel.

Unlike many of the other LMG equivalents on the market today, the Ares LMG features a real sized Pistol grip.
The barrel also has a nice touch and can be detached very quickly to give you access to the battery that is stored in the gas tube. (7.4v LiPo battery recommended or a 8.4v a NiMH battery)
The 1100rd auto-winding magazine is powered by the main battery, and a new box magazine design works on a quick change contact terminal design allowing the user to quickly change box magazines without needing to detach feeding tubes.
The new ARES box magazine only needs one battery connected to power both the gun and the magazine’s winding mechanism

The Ares LMG even features a completely new design reinforced gearbox housing utilizing Ares’ Easy Power Step Up System with 8mm ball bearings with a steel 7 teethed POM Hard Piston.
The only criticism we have is the stock fitting feels a little loose, but then again this has the advantage of making quick spring change easier and also means you can pack the gun away.

To sum it up, if you are looking for a nice all round support gun with good attention to detail and don’t want to carry around what feels like a 80lb Bergen then this gun is for you.

  • Full metal body
  • Compact support gun
  • Ares quality


Fire modes

Full Auto + Safe


360fps + / – 5%


Approx 900 +/-

Hop Up






Main Construction


RIS System

20mm Rail System




Custom Quick Change Spring



Power source

7.2x Stock Tube Lipo (Not Included)

Power source Location

Under Barrel Tube

Inner Barrel



1100rd Box Magazine

Stock Type


Accessories included

Magazine + Manual

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    Great gun

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