PPS WWII M9A1 Bazooka Airsoft Grenade Launcher


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This Bazooka is a replica of the classic US Army M9A1 antitank tube is made by PPS Airsoft. The ” Bazooka ” is a weapon with a high degree of popularity, for example, the name is a household word in everyday language across all age groups.

The tube consists of two 775mm long segments, which can be quickly put together in a 1550mm long anti-tank tube . All components except the handle and the optics are made of metal  and attention to detail is amazing and keeps the authenticity in terms of weight and appearance extremely high.

The pipe is operated with a standard 40mm airsoft gas grenade (not included) and is simply inserted from the front into the mouth and fired over the trigger.

– Light Aluminum construction

– Safety

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