Snow Wolf Aliens M41A Pulse Rifle Kit


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M41A Pulse Rifle, a faithful replica of the weapon of choice for the 22nd Century Colonial Marines in James Cameron’s iconic and Oscar winning big screen movie ‘Aliens’.
This kit is designed for the M1A1 Military chassis, the King Arms, Cyma or TM M1A1 makes a great platform for this.
The kits come with all parts needed to complete (apart from the donor Thompson and 190rd short Thompson magazine) these kits are not for the faint hearted though, care and patients are needed to assemble.
Although these kits come with assembly instruction, good technical knowledge is needed as some parts do require a little trial and error, for example the instruction manuals do not clearly specify what screws types go where.
The Pulse rifle kit features a working digital round counter display and to real dimensions with adjustable stock, this airsoft Aliens Pulse Rifle is about as good as it gets. There are a few draw backs, one being the counter starts a 95 rounds and as the gun is supplied with a magazine that holds more than 95 rounds, the counter needs to be reset by removing the magazine and then re-inserting. Also, the base cover for the magazine well is held in by clips, we suggest a little tape or something similar to prevent losing the cap in field. Another thing to bear in mind is the magazine. Although modelled on the M1A1 Thompson, the Pulse Rifle is note supplied with the short type M1A1 magazine TM (Tokyo Marui) is the best type as the long magazines will not fit.
Lastly, although the grenade launcher is present and the pump action can be operated, it is non functioning and serves as the battery compartment, a great piece of kit for all you Alien’s and Sci Fi fans.
Please note you will need a donor Thompson and patience to complete.

Pulse Rifle User Manual – Online PDF

Pulse Rifle User Manual – Microsoft Word Download



Fire Modes

Semi + Full Auto + Safe


350fps + / – 5%


Approx 800 +/-

Hop Up



685mm – 785mm



Main Construction

ABS + Metal

RIS System





High Torque


6mm V6




Lipo 7.4v Single leg or 8.4v Stick

Battery Location

Front Gas Tube

Outer Barrel


Inner Barrel




Stock Type

Sliding Adjustable

Accessories Included

Digital BB Counter


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